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Testing started 57 INCH
Posted On 07/15/2013 02:08 PM by Ackerman18
I have completed the 57 Inch Wind Turbine lift wind testing section of the 57 Inch wind lift testing.. The 57 Inch Wind Turbine with 28 inch HyperSpin P Series polycarbonate blade lifted a maximum of 500 Grams in a 20 MPH winds. A 12 inch pulley was used to do the lifting for the lift test. I have started the tooling of the 57 Inch Energy Prophecy for the 57 Inch Energy Prophecy lift testing section. It looks like Will be able to reuse the Super Structure and tail from the Energy Prophecy that... Read More

14 Inch lift testing
Posted On 05/28/2013 12:30 PM by Ackerman18
I did a weight lifting test of the 14 Inch wind turbine against the 14 inch ultimate low wind Energy Prophecy.(pictures on my ackerman18 page) The 14 inch Wind turbine lifted a maximum of 50 grams in 15.5 MPH Winds. The 14 inch Energy Prophecy lifted a maximum of 907 grams in 15 MPH Winds (2 Lbs bag of River rocks) The 14 inch Energy Prophecy lifted 18 times what the 14 inch Wind Turbine was able to lift.*****10 grams wind turbine 7.5 MPH 14 inch EP 2.4 MPH*****20 grams wind turbine 9.0 MPH 14 i... Read More

Goal Reached
Posted On 04/27/2013 07:15 PM by Ackerman18
I did the first wind testing of the 110 inch Mobile Energy Prophecy. I drove to the park with the 110 inch Mobile Energy Prophecy inside my 1998 Malibu. I took out the 16 blades, base, super structure and main shaft at the simulated disaster zone. I set them on a small ridge and got ready to do the 30 minute challenge. 26 minutes later the 110 inch Mobile Energy Prophecy was making electricity. I met the challenge of making electricity within 30 minutes at a simulated disaster zone. Unfortunatel... Read More

Dual propulsion
Posted On 02/21/2013 11:55 AM by Ackerman18
I have decided to come forward with the information that the Energy Prophecy has Dual Propulsion. The Energy Prophecy has always preformed better than then I thought was Possible. The Physics just were not adding up. Then one day I did what I called the oatmeal test. I started to discover the Energy Prophecy was creating a Vortex. What I found out on the Internet is that Airplane Wings create a vortex. I now believe that there is no doubt that the side blades of the Energy Prophecy are working l... Read More

Ultimate Low Wind Turbine
Posted On 01/01/2013 04:53 PM by Ackerman18
I have finished the first round of the Ultimate Low Wind Turbine testing.*** The winning Ultimate Low Wind Turbine was the 7 inch long 30 degree triangle blades (0-3.8 inches) Started turning in 1.1 MPH winds and turned effectively in 2.1 MPH winds. {Picture on my ackerman18 page.}*** Second was the 6 inch long 35 degree triangle blades mounted 1 inch up the shaft.(0-4 inches)Started turning in 1.5 MPH winds and turned effectively in 2.5 MPH winds.*****third was the 2 inch by 5 inch rectangle bl... Read More

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