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Unread 01-11-2011, 09:15 AM
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Default CNG / LNG conversions

When I was growing up in the 1950's & 60's, my family (dad, granddad, uncles) owned a truck dealership and I remember the local gas utility had their service trucks converted to run on natural gas. I think it was CNG not LNG. This way they didn't need to buy fuel, they used their own product. I also remember changing the oil on these trucks and after the normal oil change interval the oil looked clean! Many fixed site backup generator sets, like hospitals, are run on natural gas direct from the gas main. this eliminates the "dangers" of fuel storage.
Their are gas lines almost everywhere and a fuel station could be setup with just gas service and a compressor, or even better if you have gas at home, a small (solar powered) compressor and tank would allow you to never stop at a "filling station" again!
For those living in areas where they have septic systems not sewer, the "sewer gas" given off could even be captured further reducing using "purchased fuel"
I have read that the hardest part of doing a NG conversion on modern cars is faking out the sensors for the computer controls. Why cant the auto makers come out with a CNG/LNG engine with the computer controls programed for that so instead of faking the sensors, the computer just accepts the different values operating with NG produces? A "factory authorized" CNG/LNG conversion kit that includes the upgraded firmware for the Emissions Control unit! Also the dealers could install it!

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