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EP Hybrid Wind Turbine
Posted On 08/10/2014 09:08 AM by Ackerman18
The EP Hybrid Wind Turbine: Now you can have your Wind Turbine in the Cake wind and run the Energy Prophecy right behind it to. In early testing the EP Wind Turbine has Proven it will function very well right behind the Wind Turbine. During 14 Inch Lift testing the EP Turbine lifted 900 Grams right behind the Wind Turbine and 1000 grams alone. The Wind Turbine Lifted a maximum of 50 grams in both cases. (see Picture on my ackerman18 page. For more information go to my EP Wind Or Energy Prophecy... Read More

First Isiaih Stream Test
Posted On 06/28/2014 08:34 AM by Ackerman18
The First Isaiah Stream test was successful, but not impressive. The water pump was under powered and would only lift water 9 inches. The 24 in EP wind Turbine had a gear ratio of 28 to 1 and would only turn the water pump in winds over 10 MPH. That little water pump kept emptying my simulated ocean. In inventing you have to look at the positive, improvise and move on. The positive is that I moved 5 Gallons of water from a simulated Ocean to a simulated Desert Water Processing Center.... Read More

24 Inch EP Wind Turbine
Posted On 06/14/2014 12:26 AM by Ackerman18
24 Inch EP Wind Turbine Wind Testing. Ready to charge your Electric car with and advanced Wind Turbine ? The 24 inch EP Wind Turbine creating over 20 Volts. It Was creating about 100 AMPS at the same time. Visit my EP Wind Or Energy Prophecy board on Pinterest for more details and pictures of the Digital multimeter attached to the 24 inch EP Wind Turbine during the testing.... Read More

Unbelievable torque
Posted On 01/30/2014 08:25 AM by Ackerman18
I went down to check the condition of the 160 Blade EP Turbine and the Fish house it's attached too. I was unable to completely repair the fish house after the 160 blades EP Turbine almost torn the bottom out of it. I also had come to once again turn it out of the up coming 30 MPH high winds. I was afraid to go near the fish house ,because I was seeing the worst cracks I have ever seen on a lake. I was trying to figure out what could of caused such severe cracks. Just the other day there was a p... Read More

160 blade EP Turbine
Posted On 01/28/2014 07:20 AM by Ackerman18
I Hate Climate Change! There is evidences that the warming of the atmosphere is slowing down the jet stream Allowing to get stuck in a big wavy condition. The 57 Inch 160 Blade EP Turbine has been turning on top of a small fish for the Last week. I placed it on Lake Minnetonka by the hwy 101 Grays Bay Bridge. Ever since polar vortex after Polar Vortex has been creating high wind. The 57 Inch 160 Blade EP Turbine has spent the hole time turned backwards out of the wind to keep it from turning and... Read More

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